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Visiting an ICE Detainee

How to Visit an ICE Detainee
Dean Stevens, August and September, 2017

I am in the middle of the Kafka-esque Draconian process of trying to set up a visit with an ICE detainee at South Bay. This is the saga of my attempt. I am hoping to adapt this into a letter to Sheriff Tomkins, cc’d to several people in the State House involved in prison and immigration issues. This is unconscionable, that it is virtually impossible to get a visit in a timely way, even when you are working hard on it, documenting every step, and live 15 minutes from the jail.

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Welcome (and dreading) 2017, and you know why!

My Dear Friends,
It has been an intense year. I feel the need to get something out to y’all, as the momentous events of 2016 prompt me to try to crystalize a few thoughts about what has just happened, and what is to come.

El Salvador trips: I am just back from my 46th (approximately, I lost count) trip to villages in Northern El Salvador. I keep saying that the trip I was just on was the best one ever, and they just keep getting better. The Jan. 2017 trip featured lots of women, a plentitudinous plethora of pulchritude, if you will, even if you won’t. We had two mother-daughter pairs, and an awesome sister pair. We had newcomers and repeat offenders (Carol Allen, some 15 trips or more, Dan Myers, almost as many). We had a dental hygienist and her student, as well as an RN. We saw lots of patients, and cleaned lots of teeth, including mine! We did coffee business in Izotalio, and craft business in Teosinte. We brought two more computers to the computer school we are setting in motion in El Higueral.

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An Open Letter to MA A.G. Maura Healey, 2/20/2107

Dean Stevens

Attorney General Maura Healey
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

A question for you, AG Healey: (that I wanted to ask you on the Jim and Marjorie WGBH radio show, but could not get through)

I voted for you, and support your clear and eloquent voice in my state government.

Did you recently travel to Israel?

Was it an all-expense-paid junket paid for by JCRC, a registered Israel Lobby group?

There will soon be “Anti-BDS” legislation filed in Massachusetts, barring the Commonwealth from doing business with entities that advocate BDS,