Dean Stevens

Original and Traditional Songs in English and Spanish

"Dean Stevens; remember that name; we'll be hearing a lot more from him. Dean Stevens will inspire you.. Great voice!.." PETE SEEGER

For twenty five years Dean Stevens has delighted audiences of all ages throughout the Americas. An exuberant performer of distinctive style and wit, he combines an intricate, self-taught guitar style with a versatile and expressive singing voice. He has established himself as a formidable creator and interpreter of a wide spectrum of songs in English and Spanish. His own material explores a variety of personal and social topics, paints sketches of people and places, celebrates the Earth, and annoys the narrow minded.

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Dean Stevens is a lifelong student of Latin America. He learned Spanish at an early age, and readily absorbed the musical and topical influences of the region. He travels frequently to Central America, and has become known for his humanitarian efforts on behalf of refugees returning to their homes in El Salvador and Guatemala.

Dean Stevens has four highly acclaimed recordings to his credit. His newest release, "Eyes of Wonder"(Volcano 1993), is a collection of songs in English and Spanish, with guest appearances by Flor de Caña, Randy Sabien, Linda Waterfall, and others.